Why Masonry

Masonry is more than an aesthetically pleasing choice for your home or business. There are several benefits to using masonry, making it a smart decision and a worthwhile investment. Diamondback's masonry applications include: architectural stone, cut stone, cast stone, CMU and brick. Please refer to our Stone Sample page for a complete selection of available stone.


Masonry Benefits

  • Most environmentally-friendly building system available.
  • Resistant to fire, sound, hail, wind, water and, even, insects. 
  • Slow to absorb or lose heat and limits moisture penetration. 
  • Materials do not emit volatile gases and provide excellent indoor air quality. 
  • Materials come in hundreds of colors and decorative finishes.
  • Lower insurance costs than non-masonry structures. 
  • Masonry homes command an average 6% higher resale price than non-masonry homes.
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